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The author's trading system "Resonance of the Breath of the Market"/marketbreathresonance

Advisor-MBR indicatorⒸ

This is my personal author's trading system, which was formed as a result of my work over tens of thousands of hours of real trading, tracking charts and trading various instruments on different platforms.

As a result, it turned out as always - everything ingenious is simple! Therefore, even a novice trader will understand the logic of the trading system.

You do not need to use a lot of different indicators, you do not need to study the most complex Elliott or candlestick analysis, for example, "analyze volumes", and know other complex theories.

This Expert Advisor makes it easier to find entry points (marking with arrows on the chart) into a trade with a minimum stop loss. In the settings, you can change the timeframes and take into account those timeframes that you are used to or want to trade on.

When a buy or sell signal appears, an arrow is marked on the chart, and an alert appears, which allows you to open a position in a timely manner, rather than constantly sitting at the monitor.

Strategies for working with the MBR Indicator AdvisorⒸ:

  1. a simple way: to open deals on the "upper part" of the adviser (above are the risks of knocking out the stop loss)
  2. the method is more complicated: (if desired, understand in advance where the long–term reversal in the instrument will be) You need to study and understand the logic of analytics on the "lower part" of the adviser. (in the resulting file you will find detailed instructions/ guide with a step-by-step description of how to find entry points to the market in advance on price reversals )

A few fundamental justifications of the logic of my trading system:

Surely you won't deny that:

  1. Life is cyclical.
  2. The market is cyclical. (Otherwise, for example, Tesla would be worth $1 million or nothing. Also, for example, Bitcoin without cyclicity could already be worth $ 1 million or nothing.) BUT, as you can see for yourself, this is not the case precisely because of the cyclical nature of the markets.
  3. Traders trading on a minute timeframe (scalpers) or swingtraders trading inside the day have many times less deposit than hedge funds/global banks
  4. Scalpers, as a rule, cannot hold a trade for the same amount of time as hedge funds/global banks
  5. Would you agree that, for example*:
    • Hedge funds/global banks with a conditional deposit of $1 billion are trading on a monthly timeframe
    • companies with a conditional deposit of $1 million trade on the daily timeframe
    • traders with a conditional deposit of 100 thousand dollars trade on H4
    • traders with a conditional deposit of 10 thousand dollars trade on m15
    • traders with a conditional deposit of $ 1 thousand trade on m5
    • traders with a conditional $100 deposit trade on m1

    *amounts and timeframes are conditional.

    So, once again, briefly about the advantages of the "Resonance of Market Breathing" trading system/marketbreathresonance

    1. Even a novice trader will understand the logic of the trading system.
    2. Unlike most Expert Advisors, whose signals are given correctly, but when a significant price movement in the right direction has ALREADY been passed (i.e. the profit in the transaction is missed, the risk of knocking out the stop loss also increases) The MBRⒸ Expert Advisor indicator has no such disadvantages.
    3. The Expert Advisor allows you not to calculate the price level at which you need to fix a deal or turn over, but to calculate the onset of resonance in the direction of your current deal. Thus, you "take away from the market" all price movement in the traded cycle.
    4. My trading system allows you to open deals on a simple and advanced option.
    5. It allows you to achieve a stop loss of 0.5%..0.3%, which, in turn, allows you to achieve a risk/profit ratio of 1:10 ++
    6. Very rarely knocks out a stop loss, even such a minimal one.
    7. It is a completely universal tool for trading any assets in any markets: cryptocurrency, currency markets, stock markets, indices, etc.
    8. It is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the history.
    9. It can be used both as an independent tool and in conjunction with other indicators.
    10. The MBRⒸ Expert Advisor indicator gives out at least 80% of the correct entry points into the transaction - everything else depends on your psychology in combination with your risk management.
    11. There is no redrawing (recalculation) of the indicator, the signal is given strictly at the "closing of the bar"
    12. It allows you to live a full life and earn money without being in voluntary detention in 4 walls at the monitor. After properly configuring alerts, you will only need a basic free subscription to TRADINGVIEW.
    13. Easy setup of notifications to email and mobile phone when an ADVISOR signal appears.
    14. The ability to customize the color design of the adviser.



    To trade profitably, you JUST need to open a deal when the breath of the market resonates at a particular moment with an accuracy of several minutes, at this very moment you need to open in the direction where ALL participants turn. Thanks to this, with a small deposit, you can keep a deal for as long as hedge funds and other large market participants with a comparable percentage profit.


    If you want to open trades simultaneously and in the same direction as the traders specified in clause 5 of the fundamental justifications, then click on the link. After paying for the option you have chosen, you will receive an Expert Advisor indicator working in the TRADINGVIEW terminal, as well as a separate file to your email. In this file you will see a detailed instruction/ guide with a step-by-step description of how to find resonant entry points into the market. If you choose to purchase the property indefinitely, you will receive in the letter files with the code of the MBRⒸ indicator advisor, consisting of two parts. I also guarantee you support if something is unclear.

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